PVC Ceiling Panel

High-quality PVC ceiling panels to be used with a ceiling grid system. These panels are a smart choice for your cleanroom and the environment because they are made from eco-friendly materials.

The PVC Ceiling Panel material has outstanding performance features, such as reduced particle shedding, simple cleaning, and resistance to chemicals and moisture. Installation is relatively straightforward, and they offer an affordable alternative to traditional ceiling materials. These panels can also be configured in different ways, ensuring adaptability to various cleanroom classifications and industry requirements. Their low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and durability make PVC ceiling panels a practical and attractive solution for enhancing interior spaces.

Types of Cleanroom Ceilings

There are several types of cleanroom ceilings, each designed to satisfy particular functional needs, industry standards, and cleanroom classification requirements. Below are some common types of cleanroom ceilings;

  • Lay-In Grid Ceilings: In lay-in grid ceilings, ceiling panels are placed into grid-like openings that are either square or rectangular in shape. The grid system makes panel installation, replacement, and customization simple.
  • Walkable Ceilings: Walkable ceilings, often referred to as load-bearing or accessible ceilings, are made to support human weight and allow personnel access to the ceiling space for equipment installation or maintenance. These ceilings are perfect for cleanrooms since they offer increased structural strength.
  • Gasketed Ceilings: Panel edges of gasketed ceilings are sealed with airtight gaskets. As a result of the tight sealing, air particles cannot enter or leave the chamber, making them ideal for cleanrooms that must strictly regulate airborne contaminants.
  • T-Grid Systems: T-Grid systems resemble lay-in grid ceilings, but instead of the traditional “L”-shaped grid, they utilize a “T”-shaped grid. T-Grid systems provide larger, heavier ceiling panels with increased stability and support.
  • CK2000 Heavy Duty Walkable Ceiling Grid System

The CK2000 is solid and reliable, which supports both functionality and appeal. It offers a sturdy structure for walkable ceilings, ensuring durability meets design. The system is demountable which can be easily reusable and relocated.

  • CK2000S Heavy Duty Non Walkable Ceiling Grid System

Thе CK2000S is dеsignеd for quick and еasy installation. It usеs a strong stееl connеctor with a special locking T-shape bolt, which makes it fast and accurate to put together. This systеm rеducеs thе nееd for many connectors.

  • CK5000 Heavy Duty Flush Ceiling Grid System

The CK5000 gives ceilings a smooth and classy appearance with its robust structure and sleek design. It easily supports greater loads while retaining a clean, flush appearance.

  • D-Gird Plenum Ceiling System

The D-Gird Plenum System provides a flexible solution that combines functionality with a concealed plenum design, excellent in concealing utilities and creating a visually pleasing space.

  • I-Grid Ceiling System

With a balanced blend of strength and adaptability to support diverse ceiling designs, the I-Grid Ceiling System offers a flexible gridded structure ideal for commercial and industrial settings.