Clean Room Sandwich Panel

A clean room is a controlled environment where airborne contaminants, such as dust, germs, and particles, are filtered to create the cleanest possible environment. Electronic, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment production takes place in clean rooms. In simple terms, clean rooms are utilized to remove pollutants and other particles from outside air. The Clean Room Sandwich Panel provides outstanding thermal insulation, fire resistance, and durability while being specifically designed to produce sterile, hygienic, and controlled rooms.  

What is Clean Room Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich panels are construction panels used in some industries and productions to build spaces with specific characteristics. The sides of this type of sandwich panel are coated with metal sheets, while the centre layer is frequently composed of polyurethane. It could be made of aluminium and zinc or galvanized steel. They are also created in a unique colour, and some even contain plastisol coatings, which are polymer coatings attached to the sheet and are particularly water-resistant. These panels boost antibacterial and antistatic qualities. They are appropriate for creating production environments in places like hospitals, medical labs, factories making electronic components, etc., that demand a lot of control and oversight.  

Features of Clean Room Sandwich Panel

  • Advanced Composition: The Clean Room Sandwich Panel comprises two superior metal sheets and a core substance. The core material, which is often comprised of rock wool, polyurethane, or expanded polystyrene (EPS), offers excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties.
  • Seamless Integration: The panels’ interlocking edges make installation simple and seamless. The little air leakage from the tight connections is essential for maintaining the necessary cleanroom conditions.
  • High Structural Strength: These panels are extremely durable despite their small weight, enabling them to endure high-pressure differences and keep their integrity over time.
  • Fire resistance: In cleanroom environments, safety is of the utmost importance. The Clean Room Sandwich Panel’s strong fire-resistant qualities provide an additional safety layer.
  • Customizable: We know that every industry has its own specific needs. You may tailor your cleanroom to meet certain demands by choosing from a range of thicknesses and sizes for our Clean Room Sandwich Panel.

Benefits of Clean Room Sandwich Panel

  • Sterile environment for crucial sectors like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
  • Energy use is reduced through excellent thermal insulation.
  • Improved fire resistance for better safety.
  • A peaceful workplace is produced via soundproofing features.
  • Customizable to meet certain cleanroom needs.
  • Lightweight but robust and solid structurally.
  • Sustainability is promoted by eco-friendly products.
  • Low-maintenance design and simple installation.
  • Numerous applications in electronics, aerospace, medicine, and R&D.
  • Energy-efficient, which reduces costs.

Applications of Clean Room Sandwich Panel

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology: Provide a clean, controlled environment for the production of medicines.
  • Electronics: Perfect for manufacturing sensitive electronics and semiconductors.
  • Food processing: Maintains hygienic conditions and cleanliness to produce safe food.
  • Aerospace: Used to avoid contamination during spacecraft assembly and testing.
  • Healthcare: Cleanrooms for specialized procedures, laboratory testing, and surgery.
  • Research and Development: Protects the integrity of experiments in a variety of domains, including nanotechnology.

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